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Welcome to The Beach Hut in Bembridge

The Beach Hut Seafood Kitchen is all about seafood and local produce. The Beach Hut kitchen is run and led by Emma Guy who with her husband Jon, created The Beach hut in 2011. Sit end enjoy the view. Let the team cook you something lovely.

Our food is all about seafood served simply. We add a Mediterranean twist here and there. We love to play with flavours and marinades. Our style is rustic. No fine dining here. Its all about...IW crab and lobster, Bembridge prawns when in season (only March & October), smoked salmon, giant crevettes. Big seafood platters. Simple IW crab sandwiches.

We cook to order. Our cafe is tiny. Our kitchen tiny. We are predominantly a seafood kiosk with fresh IW crab and Lobster. We do always have a couple of lovely veggie dishes on our menu. We offer mainly gluten free dishes.

An award winning chef, Emma and her team create fabulous food using local seafood. Emma won the IW Masterchef and The Gurt Cook off, championing local produce.

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Hospitality is on its knees. We are not operating in a way our business is used to or the way we are happy with. We have lack of suitable applicants willing to work in an unstable industry, restrictions that may or may not be lifted, suppliers trying to play catch up, a bounce back loan needing repaying and the biggest influx of visitors our Island has seen in 2 years. 

We are not operating in a way we are happy with. We have reduced our tables, our team is too small and there are delays on food. We ask you to bear this in mind. 

Do come and enjoy the view, sit and watch the wave crash on the shore, have a drink from the bar. Don't arrive for a quick lunch on the way to the ferry. If we are full, don't moan. We can't take any more people. If our service is slow, bear with a small inxperienced team learning the ropes. Do not shout at our young team. Do not walk in to the kitchen to complain. Maintain social distancing.  

You may be on holiday, you may be hungry, but please give us a chance to learn to operate. We operated 7 weeks in 2020 and have only just opened in 2021. If you are the type of person who will hit Trip Advisor to complain then please don't come. We are a small independent business operating 11 weeks this year. Go somewhere bigger with better infastructures. And please don't come in a big group. We only seat 50. 

Trip Advisor 2020 Travellers Choice Award Winner

Open on dry days
  Wed to Sun
11am - 5pm Food 12- 3

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