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The Beach Hut Beachside Bar and Seafood Kitchen

What better way to spend a lunchtime than eating fabulous seafood and drinking chilled rose watching the waves crash on the shore. Who wouldn’t like to wander along the beach and fall upon this little hut, serving fresh seafood. IW crab and lobster. Giant crevettes. Garlic prawns. And simple IW crab sandwiches served on brown. All washed down with a glass of something chilled. It’s all about seafood here.

Rustic in it’s style, unpretentious, and a breath of fresh air against the posh types who are popping up. This little hut is just that. A small hut serving great food. A limited menu. Open air seating. And only open on dry days, this is the sort of place you’ll enjoy either wrapped in a blanket sheltering from the NE winds or on basking sunny days, sheltered under a big sun umbrella.

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        The Beach Hut Cafe