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COVID Changes

In line with Government guidelines, we have completed the required risk assessment set out for hospitality establishments and put in place the following guidelines that we will be adhering to. We ask our customers to follow these guidelines and respect our decisions. We do not take these decisions lightly and we do these to protect ourselves, our team, our families, our customers and suppliers delivering to our establishment.

July 2020 covid plans for The Beach Hut

• Our toilets will be closed to the public.

• A potty with nappy bags for children and baby changing table will be provided (please take baby waste home).

• 2 handwash facilities will be available

• 6 sanitising stations will be available and we ask you to wipe down any furniture and tables you use when you leave.

• All our food this year is served in recyclable containers.

• We ask you to dispose of your food and drink items when you leave in the 6 bins provided.

• We will ask you to remain socially distanced at all times (1m or more) from other parties and our team.

• This year we will ask you to queue at an outside hatch and place you order there. Food will go out from a separate exit and you will be asked to go and pick up your order and take it to your table.

• We ask you to clear your table and wipe it down for the next user.

• Our menu will be shorter this year due to the size of our hut and the number of staff we can have working in it. 

• All drinks will be served in disposable recycleable cups and plastic glasses.

• No childrens play area this year.


The Beach Hut is professionally Anti Viral sprayed inside and out every 28 days. We top this up ourselves every day using professional antiviral spray. We also ask our customers to clear their own table and dispose into one of 6 bins, and then to sanitise with anti viral spray using blue towel when you leave. This protects our team and our customers.

Our team are issued with suitable protective wear and masks. All surfaces are antiviral sprayed regularly during the day. Before opening and on closing. Our 2 hand-wash stations are regularly cleaned with anti viral spray. Should you have any concerns please speak to Karen, Emma or Jon. We also hold a track and trace record of customers held for 21 days.

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Now licensed! Lovely wine, beer and Pimms available.

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We're Good To Go Industry Standard for Covid-19 safety

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