Fun things happening at our café

Our Music 2024


Low key vibes and chilled out tunes is what we are all about here at The Beach Hut. We are proud to work with local music artists who sit and play for you facing out to sea as you listen to the waves crashing on the shore. Sit back and have a fabulous lunch and just relax.  

Local music

Our local lovely musicians mainly play alone or in a duo. We only have over lunchtimes on weekends to give a little atmosphere. A café del mar style with a Latin tune or two. We also have the occasional toe tapping vintage style. It could be JC and Angelina, The Rick Harris Duo, Mark Thomas on his Ukulele or the more chilled Latin sounds from Toco Bonito or maybe a little Gypsy Jazz from the Cat Skellington guys.

By the sea

Whatever we have on, it’s always designed to give a chilled out vibe whilst you enjoy lunch overlooking the sea. Please note music is dependent on weather and line ups can change due to various circumstances. So far this is what we have booked. But do follow our socials for regular updates incase things change.