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Fabulous seafood, fabulous wines, fabulous views

We are a tiny seafood kiosk on the beach. We specialise in local crab and lobster and shellfish, crab sandwiches and seafood platters. This year we are operating a much reduced menu. We will have a couple of vegi sandwiches. And a small kids sandwich option.  We are introducing a cream tea option. 

Our staff numbers are too low to operate our usual menu, Covid restrictions are hindering our business, suppliers are playing catch up and our usual level of service is being compromised. Therefore we have reduced the number of tables and our menu in a bid to try to get our operations under a better way. 

We are however offering a delivery service bringing seafood platters to you. And this we do after cafe hours. Please hop over to the delivery tab for how it all works.

We have a full drinks licence and hold a lovely range of wine, beers and spirits. We also have a new whizzy coffee machine and range of non alcoholic drinks.

We also sell ice creams from the bar.  


June example lunch menu menu →

June bar menu menu →

June drinks menu menu →

June wine menu menu →


Due to Covid restrictions and a smaller team we have introduced a new whizzy table ordering system. You'll need to bring your phone with you. Scan or enter a unique URL for your table and order via a weblink. We do provide free WIFI. This is a little bit different to our usual personal service, but it keeps our team safe and ensures you remain seated during your stay. As we are licensed we have to provide table service, due to lack of suitable applicants we are facing a problem. Therefore we have introduced this method of ordering. You may find it a little bit different, but please go with it. You have more than likely booked your ferry and accommodation online. The alternative was to not sell booze. And none of us want that!


Please let us know of any good related allergies we need to be aware of before you book or order. We have a very small kitchen. We cannot guarantee non cross contamination in cases of severe allergic reactions. We ask you to consider if we are the right place for you under these circumstances. Our team have a full list of allergens required by health guidelines in our food should you wish to look at it.

Winter delivery menu now running.
Call 07832127737.

Good to go

We're Good To Go Industry Standard for Covid-19 safety

The Beach Hut Cafe