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l'm sorry to say we do not take reservations. Why we hear you cry? Well, sit back and have a read as to why...

Picture the scenes... a few years ago we did. But the system became abused by late shows, tables booked for 4 with 7 turning up, tables for 10 booked but actually 7 kids and 3 adults arrive and only the kids eat, tables for 6 turn up and just want a drink... Then add to this is the endless mediums to keep up with... bookings text through whilst descending the stairs from the car park, bookings in from Facebook, text, telephone, voicemail, Instagram and email... who to answer first?

Now those no shows or late arrivals make us look empty... so we then get complaints from folk turning up unable to get a table and seeing empty tables where late arrivals had not arrived on time. We have to explain the tables are booked, 'Yes l know they are not here yet, no you can't sit down till they arrive' ... Then add in weather. We had to spend our evenings hitting the phones cancelling bookings due to BBC weather at 6pm telling us it would rain the next day. Tables cancelled, team stood down.

Then we wake up to bright sun streaming through the windows as the weather front misses us, the team have made plans and customers are once again disappointed. Now add to that the additional delight of self isolating. A recent delivery cancelled for that reason. Something we will all have to bear in mind this forthcoming season. So for the goodness of our health and the opportunity to try to have an hour off in the evenings.... we do not take reservations.

But saying all that, 1pm on a busy sunny Sunday will be busy, it will be anywhere any of us go to. But we muddle through. A table will always become available. And we do try our best to squeeze you in. We don't rush you. We don't push you out after 2 hours. We let you sit and enjoy the view. And l do plan our menu with food that doesn't take too long to get out to you.

So paddle in the sea, relax and a table will be available soon.


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